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(12) - 8oz J Weights w/ Cord

(12) - 8oz J Weights w/ Cord

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The cord will stretch to nearly twice its original length to hold your weight securely to the keel of the decoy.  To rig simply tie or crimp your decoy line to the loop on the end of the bungee. 

  • (12) eight ounce decoy weights
  • Includes 12 inch UV resistant cords
  • The eight ounce weight is perfect for magnum ducks and goose floaters
  • Textured tab for easy deployment and pick-up
  • Keel hook stays in place during transport
  • Textured tab makes removal from keel easy even in mittens and thick gloves
Kill Box Gear keel hook decoy weights are the easiest to use and most versatile anchoring system available.  Put as much or as little line as you want on your keel and only let out what you need.  The high quality bungee will keep the weight where it belongs during storage and transport to prevent tangled up lines in the bag! 

This product does contain lead.